NJ Goldston

I  would like to introduce you to one of the “most interesting women” in the world, NJ Goldston.

NJ Goldston is the founder of The Blonde and the Brunette, wife to Mark Goldston, Partner in The Goldston Group, Managing Partner of the ever-popular Athletic Profusion Labs (oh, did I mention the two men that run APL are her twin sons!?!), besties with Kris Jenner and much more.

NJ knows a thing or two about businesses.

She was the CMO & EVP for WeddingChannel.com, as well as VP of Marketing for American Express for many years.

It amazed me how hard NJ works and what all she juggles


 If you have followed or attended any notable event, NJ Goldston was probably there.

Hand-picked and invited by the designer, wearing the their hottest, off the runway collection in head-to-toe.

 Louis Vuitton recently awarded NJ recognition as a “Style Icon.”

Put it this way, NJ has never revealed photos of her closet (and sadly she won’t) but it comes with security.


 NJ has evolved into an influencer to many.

Not the 20-something trainer that received 100k likes on her workout pic, but an influencer to the fashion industry (the designers themselves), to the “refined” generations and a role model to the aspiring millennial.

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