No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls

No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls

While all natural hair types are beautiful, we always want what we don’t have.

Women with ringlets wish they had straight hair, and those with sleek, straight hair desire voluminous curls.

Just as Bustle has indicated, there are so many reasons why curly hair is awesome, which is why so many ladies out there invest in hair tools to make it seem like their tresses have that natural wave.

With your strands twisted with a flat iron or coiled in a curling wand just like in this hair tutorial posted on The Scene, achieving those beautiful curls is quick and simple.

But as we all know, using tools like this can cause heat damage, leaving your hair brittle and dry.

Using heat protectants before styling is a must, however, the best way to care for our hair is by minimizing the amount of heat used (or using none at all) while perfecting our hairdos. 

So how exactly can you get those curly locks without plugging in your curling iron?

Leaving braids in overnight are the most popular way to do so, but some styles aren’t quite as simple as some videos make them out to be.

Thus, if braiding is not your forte, these techniques are definitely for you:


The Headband Method

For this hair hack, all you need is a headband.

Twist sections of your hair and then tuck it into the headband.

Good Housekeeping explains that you should twist your strands into smaller sections if you want to have tighter curls.

You can choose to wear this overnight, but the hair wrapped around the headband actually works as a quirky hairstyle of its own.

Wear your hair like this during the day, taking the headband off at night for gorgeous curly locks.


Two Twists

Although you’ll get more of a beach wave than a full curl, the results are still spectacular.
Instead of dividing your hair into two braids, twist the two sections. Once you twist a half, bring them over the top of your head and pin it down to the other side.
Do the same for the other twist.
If you aren’t doing this with damp hair, remember to put in some product before twisting so that the waves will last for a long time after you loosen your hairdo


The Sock Bun

This is best suited for girls with really long hair. All you have to do is put your hair in a high ponytail, and using a rolled up sock (or a donut hair band, if you have one on hand) at the end, roll it up until it reaches the top of your head.

Much like the first trick, this sock bun can also be applied as your hairdo for the day, having a sleek bun for work and transitioning into soft, romantic waves for happy hour drinks or dinner in the evening.

YouTube beauty vlogger Ellesse Cheale suggests putting some mousse on before rolling your hair into the bun.
The best thing about these hair tricks is that they require very few hair tools and products.

So whether you need to wake up early in the morning or don’t want to travel with extra hair dryers or irons, these hair techniques will keep your hair looking beautiful, wherever you go.

What no-heat methods do you like to use to curl your hair?

by Sophie Hill


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