OMI Bottle | Stylish Water Bottle with Pill Dispenser

OMI, a premium and stylish reusable water bottle designed to keep you hydrated and healthy on the go, today officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
OMI combines minimalist and chic design with everyday functionality.
 OMI was designed by health and wellness enthusiasts to help you reach your health and wellness goals and become the best version of yourself.
OMI simplifies your life by allowing you to carry your water and supplements together at all times.
You’ll never forget to take them again.

As our lives keeps getting busier, convenience becomes paramount” said Nadia Adechoubou, Founder of OMI.

I found myself forgetting to take key essential supplements for days at a time, not because I did not care but rather because they were not always within reach. I came to find out that I was not the only one struggling with this issue. In fact, 50% of people forget to take their medication and supplements each day. I set out to resolve this problem and this was the genesis of the idea behind OMI.”

OMI features a sliding MondaySunday pill dispenser that is easy to remove and refill when needed.
The 24oz bottle is made from BPA-Free tritan plastic and easily fits in your bag.

Functionality is key for OMI – the top loop makes OMI easy to carry wherever life takes you and the hinged snap cap allows you to drink with one hand.

OMI’s sleek design can be dressed up or down – making it the perfect companion to take from the gym to the boardroom.

I love fashion and design and I want everything that I wear and accessorize with to reflect my sense of style. I don’t like to carry extra bags with me, because it takes away from my look – it was important for OMI to be designed with these considerations in mind,” explains Adechoubou.

OMI’s beautiful metallic introductory color options (Stone Silver, Pearl White and Rose Gold) and unique design make it the perfect accessory to match any outfit.

The design fits perfectly with a minimalist and wellness oriented lifestyle.

Q&A with OMI Bottle founder Nadia Adechoubou 
Where did the idea for OMI Bottle come from?
OMI was born from my frustration of always forgetting to take my key essential supplements for days in a row.
I would reach the end of the month and realize that my bottles of supplements were still pretty full. This was happening not because
I did not care but rather because my supplements were not always within reach and my busy lifestyle was not helping either.
At the same time, I was also going through a period where I was trying to drink more water, therefore I was always making sure I carried a water bottle with me wherever I went.
How are you bringing this idea to life?
This has been about an 18 month process so far and we still have a ways to go in order to bring this product to market and help people achieve their health and wellness goals.
The process started with me sketching what I envisioned this product to look like.
I wanted this water bottle to be very functional, very useful, beautifully designed and somehow similar to a tech product.
I hired an industrial designer which I worked very closely with to communicate my vision. We went through several months of design iterations and today it’s amazing to see how far we have come.
I learned a great deal throughout the design process and it has been a very rewarding experience. While we were going through the design process, I also started researching the materials that we wanted to use and a manufacturer who I could rely on to take on this project.
I did a lot of research in order to come up with a shortlist of manufacturers, which I later decided on through a rigorous process and the support of an industrial engineer.
 What do you hope to achieve from this Kickstarter campaign?
After 18 months of several design iterations, testing, and refining the OMI Bottle, we are now ready for production and hope to raise the funds necessary to start the tooling, manufacturing and distribution process.
Kickstarter is a great platform to create a community that supports your idea and create the buzz we need to surround OMI.
Who is the OMI Bottle designed for?
This bottle is designed for anyone who, like me, struggles to take their supplements or medication each day.
Our sleek, minimalist design is perfect for the health conscious male or female.
How will OMI fit into the wellness industry today?
OMI fills a gap that is much needed in the wellness industry today.
In the past few years, there has been an increase in the use of supplements to achieve certain wellness goals and I think the OMI Bottle will be able to serve this supplement-taking consumer base through the convenience of our product.
OMI will be available for pre-order from November 14th – December 26th on Kickstarter.
Head to for more information, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @omibottle


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