Online marketplace brings 20-60% discounts off luxury jewelry from 18,000 independent stores

For jewelry buyers, exploring various collections from independent fine jewelers isn’t easy.

Buyers spend time in-store perusing different jewelers’ collections, which means higher markup prices and extra time.

They’re also limited to only those stores within their proximity.

Kavador Girl Samantha Angelo

Jennie Pastor

CEO of Kavador

Kavador, the first online independent jeweler marketplace, solves those problems, bringing premium jewelry to customers from the nearly 20,000 independent jewelry stores across the nation — and at 20%-60% discounted prices due to lower online overhead costs.
Kavador‘s team of certified gemologists inspect every item against the Gemogical Institute of America’s standards to provide fair and transparent valuations on items.
Jewelry on Kavador is constantly changing as the company regularly updates available inventory based on the time each piece spends on the site.


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