Out of the (Subscription) Box!

Break out of your comfort zone with these fresh cuts, funky prints, and cooling mesh.

We are very excited to announce that we are launching an e-commerce capsule collection to SweatStyle– the only high-end subscription service for boutique style activewear.

Starting the first week of June, SweatStyle will offer “stylistspicks of the month” that will consist of two to three pieces including a combination of tops, bottoms, sports bras and outerwear.

 Each month, the site will feature four to five curated outfits every month with different looks, different activity focuses and different styles.

The outfits can be purchased as an entire look at a discount or any piece can also be purchased separately.

Bright & Airy

These clean lines, bright whites, and fun prints make sure you stay cool, calm and collected in any activity you choose.

Turn It Up!

No matter the workout or activity, these bright colors and flattering cuts are guaranteed to keep you energized and moving.

These curated looks will be available to both subscribers and non-subscribers as an additional curated shopping experience.

The stylist selected looks will also be a way for new customers to get an idea of what the service carries as well as inspired how to rock the new gear.

It’s also perfect for those who don’t necessarily want an entire box and would prefer to see what they are buying and choose for themselves with assistance from our styling team.

SweatStyle was created by fitness entrepreneur, Helena Cawley who also founded Uplift Studios in NYC.

Classic Sophistication

Whether you are coming from a workout or running errands, the deep wine coloring and geometric print ensures you look fashionable and sophisticated throughout the day.


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