Palomo Spain presents today its Spring Summer 2018 collection

The fifth one of the designer from Posadas, creative director of the brand. The Wellington Hotel has been the place selected for this presentation. A well-known reference in Madrid´s hotel trade and a superb frame to contextualize the idea that helped the Palomo Team building the show´s concept. To understand the theme behind the collection, we have to go back in time analyzing the brand´s history. Despite being a short one, Palomo, who just turned a year old this past February, has made it around the world, presenting his clothes in front of public from Madrid, Moscow, New York and recently Paris. During the stay in these cities, Alejandro has come across all kind of individuals. They were new friends, staff of the hotels in which he slept,

guests and various visitors, among others. A non-stop in and out of characters feeding his imaginary and his athleisure line of this collection; more refined and casual, with the color white as the protagonist and with a clear retro inspiration.

Palomo Spain continues to rely on the audacious and transgressive spirit that Converse promotes and that is an indisputable bond of union between both to continue inspiring the new generations of youth culture.

On the catwalk, we see once again the aesthetic harmony between the exaggerated sophistication and the relaxed attitude of the sneaker.

The beauty proposal, created by Baltasar González Pinel for M.A.C Cosmetics, unleashes its full potential with the variety of possible styles of a full day at Hotel Palomo, from fresh and naive morning looks, bronzed mid-afternoon to shiny party looks. The proposal of hairdressing, by Vicenzo Diaferia for Wella, also interprets in a masterful way the daily functioning of the hotel, with a commitment to casual and out of bed styles in the looks of the early morning to give way to the simplicity of the day to day and to finish with wet looks inspirited by the 20’s in the nocturnal proposal.

For the headdresses, milliner Betto García, based in Valencia, has prolonged his longlasting collaboration with the clothes designer, creating a series of hats, perhaps a bit soberer than in previous seasons, but honoring the elegance Alejandro reclaims with this, his new Spring Summer collection.

Jewels were made by designer Sara Tejerina, who also collaborated in previous collection Objeto Sexual.

Closing the accessories proposal with a high note, Kaleos Eyehunters, with three models of sunglasses that enhance the seventies and luxurious inspiration and inspire at the same time a strong cosmopolitan motivation. The models Fossey, Wallace, and Hancock reinforce the afternoon looks with angular, bold and sophisticated silhouettes that perfectly match the designer’s proposal.

Music has been designed by duo Chico Trópico, whose Set Live contribution has been essential for the framing of Palomo´s characters.


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