PALOMO SPAIN – Wunderkrammer SS19 Fashion Show


For Spring Summer 2019, Palomo Spain presents a collection of garments inspired by the idea of the Wunderkammer, the cabinet of curiosities so coveted by collectors of the 18th and 19th centuries. Aesthetic references of distant lands and exotic creatures lay the grounds for a collection that signals a new direction for the Spanish designer.

The Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid therefore becomes the perfect backdrop for the brand ́s seventh collection, onto which Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the creative director, has projected his own version of the Wunderkammer, condensing an infinity of elements discovered in unknown and imagined lands. With this idea, through a variety of shapes, colors and textures, Palomo Gomez proposes a series of elaborately confectioned voluminous garments which he combines with lighter and more flexible pieces.

A more mature and sophisticated version of Palomo Gomez ́s previous ideal emerges, hungry to discover new horizons with a fresh, and more open minded perspective, to become the collection ́s central figure. Yet he has lost none of his love of the poetic and the extravagant.

To his signature abundant volumes and daring silhouettes, Alejandro Palomo Gomez adds a palette that ranges from neutral whites and beiges and a pale aquamarine, to a deep claret, and more spectacular yellows, fuchsias and violets. The new Palomo man travels wrapped in raw silks and delicate chiffons.

He wears palazzo pants made of leather, loose cotton tunics and fluid jerseys. Linens appear in more traditional lines, whilst kaftans and 18th century jackets embellished in nacre, complete the imaginary traveler ́s wardrobe.

Following on with the tradition started two seasons ago, the Cordovan house has developed a luxurious line of accessories in which leather and python skins in electric tones are abundant. Feathers, a Palomo signature, also make an appearance, alongside handcrafted macramés.

On his feet, Palomo ́s imaginary traveler wears a hybrid of alpargatas and Greek and Roman lace-up sandals, which blend in perfectly with his classic heeled mules and babouches.

Another successful collaboration with Tolentino Hats, brings together exotic shapes in various materials, topped with mosquito nets and ostrich feathers to bring it all up to Palomo ́s fantastical standards.

The professional background of the Sevillian brand, a deep interest in the latest innovations in textile technology and the extensive knowledge in the field of fashion that Felipe Vivas and Manuel Carrión – the duo of designers behind Tolentino Hats – have, made the brand a referent in Spanish territory.

Tolentino make us forget a – sometimes – harsh reality by creating what they describes as “vertical optimism”.


Larios is the most emblematic Mediterranean gin. More than 150 years of history that symbolizes and evokes perfectly the sensations of its place of origin, Málaga.
Larios continues to grow thanks to its Premium family, which continues to add quality references for every moment of the day: Larios 12, Larios Rosé, Larios 150 Anniversary and its most recent addition, Larios Citrus. Larios is Mediterranean Spirit, disconnection and relaxation, reconnect with that part of us that knows how to enjoy life well lived.

The birth of MAC dates back to 1984, when visionaries Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo identified the need to create a makeup line that would highlight the beauty of every individual and would be able to surpass any other brand in artistic quality and professionalism.
The DNA of the brand was then defined by the following parameters: Inviduality, Community, Trends and Social Responsibility.
MAC regards the right to self-expression and celebrates individual beauty, embodied by its emblematic motto: “All ages, all races and all sexes.”


Isaac Salido Space is a temple of beauty and a space for art and ingenuity. Its founder, Isaac, has the firm conviction that “less is always more”, and seeks to achieve the best version of the people who pass through their hands. That yes, respecting and enhancing their own identity.


Thanks to my devoted team and to all the friends and professionals who, season after season, turn to us to make it possible to share our work and our enthusiasm with the world.

Thanks to Jota Valencia, Pelonio Press and the Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid. To Kito, Jorge and Rafael. And of course my family, unconditional and essential. To my mother and my father.

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