Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine is focused on finding value in aspects of the world that are often overlooked – lost objects, elements of nature, and personal histories.

Whether its one of our custom-made pieces or objects from our permanent collections, each Pearls Before Swine creation is handmade at our studio in Old Montreal.

 These objects were reclaimed from the remains of a childhood home destroyed by fire in 1982.
Originally cast to fulfill specific functions, their apparent value was lost in the context of destruction and decay.
Here they are reborn as objects of beauty.
The inspiration for these items surfaced during travels to Chile and Morocco.
Each piece uses facets of nature that do not exist within the confines of Quebec.
The unique subtleties in structure that tend to remain unnoticed are here highlighted to create distinctive pieces.
PEARL Visions of pearls:

conceptions of beauty and value, exploitation and greed.

By directsourcing our fair-trade Akoya pearls from traditional pearl farmers in Ehime (or black pearls are exclusively Tahitian) we recontextualize what has often been a sordid history.

Each of our pearl pieces speaks to the way possession and desire have laced through the history of people and pearls like a chain through a padlock.

 Walks over lakes and childhood dreams.
Glistening water keeps the delicate elements alive.
The texture of nature, forest surfaces, a feeling of solitude.
Things decompose.
Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
 In creating custom pieces, we seek to incorporate narratives and materials that encapsulate relationships and personal histories.
Clients are given an opportunity to select elements that will inspire and be included in the final product.
The beauty and meaning of these objects are redefined as they are integrated into the design of these one of a kind items.


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