PGP’s Red Carpet during LAFW including HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark

Fall/Winter 2018-19
Spotted on the Red Carpet
Like the brand itself, the attendees of Pia Gladys Perey’s FW18 launch during LA Fashion Week are diverse, classy and vibrant.

From princesses and countesses to celebrities and influencers, PGP’s show was on standing room only as she launched her infamous Shape Campaign in Neuehouse in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Attendees include: 

HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, H.E Countess Michelle Czernin Von Chudenitz, Amber Rose, Lilimar Hernandez, Grace Wethor, Daphne Wayans, Lindsay Mccormick, Natalie Walter, Chloe Hurst, Nicky Whelan, Elena Satine, Desiree Siahaan, Zia Domic, Ben Geurens, Derek Warburton, Ana Amigo, Dani Nova, Robert Vogu, Laura Jensen, Alex Hudgens, Mckenzie Olsen, Vassy Karagorgios and Anna Maria Perez De Tagle



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