PopImpressKA Art Hearts NYFW SS2017 Photos by Getty Images

Art Hearts Fashion NYFW

PopImpressKA Fashion Gallery Show,

September 2016


About PopImpressKA by Olga Papkovitch:

From paint on a canvas to designs on the runway, explore the enthralling talent of artist, designer, magazine publisher and humanitarian, Olga Papkovitch, as she introduces her PopImpressKA collection at Art’s Heart Fashion Fashion Week, New York this September.

Drawing attention from across the globe, Olga projects her paintings onto silk fabric, creating a walking canvas with stylish nature enthused designs.

At the age of nineteen, Olga relocated to California as a student at Santa Barbara City College before transferring to
The Art Student League of New York. The CEO and founder of PopImpressKA Journal went on to create a clothing and accessory collection in 2008.

The classy, elegant and fiercely spirited collection was inspired by her frequent trips to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, her love for impressionism, Flemish painters and her Mother, Alla Papkovich.

Alla was the director of banquets at a Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre in Saint Petersburg, and at the age of twelve, Olga fell in love with two arts.

Captivated by the extravagant and elegant costumes that surrounded her backstage and her talent for creating beautiful paintings.

Although she chose not to pursue ballet, Olga uses her paintbrush to dance along a canvas and with every stroke, brings to life her art.

 PopImpressKA’s affectionate charm aspires to bring light, vibrancy and solace to our lives.

As a young girl in Saint Petersburg she was fascinated with American quilt tradition.

Channeling her fascination, Olga progressed to create unique quilted art pieces printed on a variety of silks.

The PopImpressKA collection is nature inspired art vogue, deriving from the Russian word ‘Popka’ which translates to parrot, for its pulsating and rich colors.

I want to bring color and joy to a world which seems colorless” – Olga Papkovitch.

Olga’s positive and vivacious personality is reflected in her designs and radiates powerful sophistication and grace.

As a Knight of the Orthodox Order of Saint John Russian Grand Priory, Olga is committed to the ancient ministry promoting love, dignity of life and aiding the poor and less fortunate.

It’s important to be kind and compassionate in this world, through my art I hope to inspire people to do good and create love and understanding”.

Olga’s art has been exhibited nationally and internationally in charitable, public and private collections. Inspired by the compassionate acts of Princess Diana, Olga has been involved in a wide array of charities.

Including art auctions raising a generous quantity for children with cancer foundation and the Marsden Cancer hospital in London, one of the most highly praised Charities of Princess Diana.

This season Simonetta Lein, an Italian author, influencer, fashion icon, and millennial-activist- founder of The Wish Wall Foundation and Madeline Stuart, an 18 year old aspiring model from Brisbane, Australia with Down Syndrome along with other influences in our humantinarian worldnwill be in PopImpressKA NYFW show.



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