Popular New York City Hair Studio Releases Their First Luxury Hair Care Product

Popular New York City Hair Studio Releases Their First Luxury Hair Care Product

As a New York City hair salon, Three Squares Studio is a cut above the rest.

Expert stylists cater to each client, based on their personal ideals of beauty in order to ensure that they receive a haircut that is gorgeous and completely fit to them.

Three Squares Studio has recently released their first luxury home hair care product, a hair serum and hair oil called S.OIL.

New York, NY – New York City can often seem like a world of its own; filled with art, style, and passionate people.

Three Squares Studio brings all of these elements together in a classy hair studio that truly stands out from the rest.

Three Squares features a custom bookshelf, a cozy lounge and stylists of superior talent and artistry.

Clients can now enjoy the benefits of a luxury hair oil and hair serum treatment from home with the launch of the studio’s newest take home product, S.OIL.

Our primary goal as a hair salon is to provide our clients with healthy, strong, and radiant hair,” says studio co-owner, Jordan Blackmore. “While many products on the market can provide you with short term results, the ultimate damage that your hair experiences from the chemicals in these products negate any positive benefits they may have. We have created a line of hair care products that are organic and toxic-free, giving your hair even more benefits than other hair serums and oils on the market, without the added chemicals. S.OIL is our newest luxury hair care product, designed to provide powerful nutrients to your hair to repair and protect.”

Three Squares Studio exists as an art gallery as much as a hair studio.

New art exhibits are brought in with each season, transforming the energy of the studio and making the hundredth visit as interesting as the first.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the hair care industry, Three Squares believes in honest, transparent, and ethical in every aspect of their work.

This includes creating luxury hair care products with no hidden ingredients, that are truly beneficial to the hair.

The newly launched hair serum and hair oil from Three Squares was crafted by renowned hairstylist Jordan Blackmore and Niq Ellis, esteemed hair industry veteran. S.OIL


was designed with the idea of creating toxic-free and chemical-free beauty products that still met the highest quality standards.

Incorporating proven natural remedies into their treatment based products meets the studio’s goal of delivering high performance products for healthier hair.

All products are dermatologist tested (though never tested on animals) to ensure that they are completely safe and effective for all hair types.

S.OIL combines nutrient rich vitamins and minerals with organic and eco-friendly ingredients that are lightweight and absorb quickly.

The combination of these ingredients results in naturally stronger, sleeker, and overall healthier hair.

The super nutrients in S.OIL strengthen and protect hair from environmental, chemical, and mechanical damage.

Three Squares Studio (http://threesquaresstudio.com) clients can now enjoy the benefits of a hair oil and serum in between treatments thanks to S.OIL.

Three Squares Studio is located at 444 W 17TH ST in New York, New York (10011).

The studio can be reached by phone at +1 (917) 847-3384.

To learn more about the high end hair studio, or to purchase any of their luxury hair care products, visit https://www.threesquaressoil.com.



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