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Drew D’Angelo, the star of Bravo’s newest hit series “Real Estate Wars!”
Bravo’s newest hit series “Real Estate Wars!”
Drew lives a very healthy lifestyle and keeps fit by playing tennis, training in cross-fit daily, surfing, etc.
Known as a well-respected spitfire in the real estate world, Drew D’Angelo helps lead the charge in the ultimate turf battle of the O.C. on Bravo‘s newest reality series “Real Estate Wars” that shows just how tense things can get when realty and reality collide.
Real Estate Wars” follows 10 agents, their eccentric clients, multi-million-dollar deals, old vendettas, and one common goal of winning, making all fair in real estate and war.
We would love to set up an interview with McMonigle team member Drew D’Angelo to discuss the show, what it’s like being the peacemaker in the crazy world of real estate.
REAL ESTATE WARS premiered on Thursday, October 5th at 10/9c on Bravo.
Real Estate Wars” follows John McMonigle the former #1 real estate agent in the country who lost everything when the real estate market crashed, and ultimately forcing him into bankruptcy.
John, never a man to stay down, rebuilt his empire with five ambitious agents including D’Angelo to create The McMonigle Team, with one of their primary goals being to beat The Relegance Group, their rival team featured on the show.
Relegance is made up of five zealous agents, including the “real estate queen” of Orange County, Jojo Romeo, who happens to have a contentious past with John.
As an estranged employee of John‘s, she became determined to join Relegance and help them become the #1 team in the O.C.
However, it’s a small world, and when they vie for the same high-end clients, limited listings and large commissions, the competition can be ruthless.
Reigning supreme as the king of land development, Drew started his illustrious career at the young age of 21 when he began being mentored by his real estate powerhouse stepfather who showed him the ropes of real estate development from literally the ground up.
Over the past 17 years, Drew has made a name for himself building his brand on his deep knowledge, honesty and integrity.
  Now, as an integral part of The McMonigle team under John McMonigle, Drew knows that his high expertise will help lead the team to success.



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