R. Swiader NYMD SS2018 photos by John Arsenault

On Monday July 10th R.Swiader presented his Spring Summer 2018 collection during New York Men’s Day at Dune Studios.

R.Swiader collaborated with photographer Martyn Thompson who designed some of the textiles for the collection.

The collection included several jackets, trousers, a kaftan-like dress, and shirts, a combination of Martyn Thompson Studio’s signature cotton jacquards and lighter linen, combined with other fabrics, such as workwear canvas, washed silk broadcloth and cotton voile.

Further inspiration was drawn from the Grecian world and modern streets of New York City.

Martyn’s world has an immersive dream-like quality.

When we met, it immediately made complete sense to work together.

I loved the fabrics and saw the potential to skew some of Martyn’s style and bring it into the R.Swiader world.

We have a similar aesthetic that blends well together ’

Raf Swiader, Founder R.Swiader.

Presenting clothes that provide ease and comfort to wear in our chaotic world, R.Swiader provides ‘a uniform for the citizen of the world.’

With subtle details of cut, shape and form, the clothing is fluid and often incorporating draping.

This simple and clean aesthetic is broadly genderless, with many clients including Boy George, Andre 3000, Green Day, Pentatonix, Tyga and Kiersey Clemons.

The R.Swiader detailing such as raw edges and emphasis on stitching, has parallels with Thompson’s own clothing – much of which he makes or customizes by hand-stitching.

Incorporating Martyn Thompson Studio fabrics added a more structural element to some pieces, which in effect turns the volume up on the collection

There is both a sense of history and of cultures intersecting in an R.Swiader collection. Raf isn’t speaking to a specific gender in a traditional sense and I love that. He’s making a kind of workwear for the contempory mind..not the restrictive school uniform of my teenage years but a uniform thats fits with the diversity of my everyday life

Martyn Thompson, founder Martyn Thompson Studio

The textiles are created from Thompson’s photographs and celebrate his love of the ‘accidental’.

Here, the collaboration represents a serendipitous meeting of creative minds, marrying the R.Swiader considered approach to clothing, interwoven with Martyn Thompson whimsical details.

‘For Spring 2018 I wanted to look into the future and break the rules of traditional menswear and

Martyn Thompson Studio fabrics are the perfect backdrop for this story.

I mixed elements of ancient Greece, modern day New York City living, while looking ahead into to the future where there are no rules.

I wanted to create some of our classic shapes with new details and include hand finishing which is a nod to Martyn.

For Spring 2018 we are showing the classic pleated trousers, loose fitting summer button downs as well as non traditional jackets and vests.

Some of my favorite pieces are the linen overalls and jacquard “bibs” worn with tailored slim trousers.

A lot of the garments are finished with hand stitched elements, Japanese ribbons and deconstructed details.

I wanted to give our clients something new and create moments they will look forward to.

Fashion should be like a dream… innovative, fun and surprising.

This is why working with MT fabrics was so perfect!’

Rafal Swiader, Founder R.Swiader.


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