Randolph Engineering Celebrates 45th Anniversary With A New Vision

Randolph Engineering, Inc., a family-owned heritage eyewear brand handcrafted in America since 1973, built with the highest standards as the prime contractor for Aviator sunglasses to the United States military, celebrates their 45th Anniversary milestone with a brand rejuvenation that speaks to their brand promise, “Extraordinary For Life.”


The new brand platform relates to Randolph’s extraordinary sunglasses, story and heritage – and the extraordinary people who wear them.

Each pair of handcrafted sunglasses involves a process of six weeks and 200 steps resulting in a feel unlike any other.

Each frame is also backed with lifetime warranty.

Made for those who see things differently, Randolph recognizes the concept of extraordinary as a choice one makes to live each moment fully, uniquely and authentically.

To choose what that means to each individual, and celebrate it, in whatever form that takes.


“Our mission is to help the world see more clearly, in vivid color, and in total comfort with eyewear that inspires a lifetime of extraordinary experiences,” said Peter Waszkiewicz, President & CEO, Randolph Engineering, Inc.


In celebration of Randolph’s 45th Anniversary, the brand is upgrading their product, packaging and consumer experience.

All Randolph lenses will now come with an anti-reflective coating to adds visual beauty and reduces glare.

The packaging compliments the extraordinary eyewear inside, and has also been refreshed with beautiful branding, a luxurious genuine leather hard-sided case and a microfiber cloth pouch. Randolph will continue to celebrate their 45th Anniversary throughout the year.



Handcrafted in Massachusetts, Randolph is a family-owned American eyewear company built on precision and true American heritage.

Randolph’s diverse range of eyewear products, including metal and acetate sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses and professional sports styles are all guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

Since the 1970s, Randolph has been creating best-in-class eyewear products – eventually leading them to become the only brand that holds the U.S. military eyewear contract to date.

For more information on Randolph, please visit: www.randolphusa.com.

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