Recover Brands Clothing | Sustainable and Ethical Company

 Recover Brands – a sustainable apparel company ( made right here in the United States.
Recover‘s eco-friendly Tees and Sweatshirts are made from recycled plastic and recycled cotton while still remaining lightweight and breathable.
In a nutshell, it combines the classic look with the everyday wearability, you can’t even tell it’s from recycled materials!
Perfect for any outdoor activity you can feel comfortable and complete your workout knowing you are representing a sustainable company!
A little more about RecoverRecover is a sustainable apparel company that makes all their shirts out of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton.

8 plastic bottles = 1 shirt. In manufacturing this way, they’ve diverted over 5 million plastic bottles from landfills since 2010. 

As Bill Johnston, Recover’s Co-Founder puts it, “Protect Our Parks is a testimony to the right of all people to have these awesome public lands, and to how paramount that access is for individuals physically and mentally. We are passionate outdoors people, and our love of the outdoors and the environment is why we founded the company. ”
Consistently acting from our mission, Recover launched the Protect Our Parks campaign this Memorial day to spread awareness, promote engagement, and motivate action to protect and preserve our nation’s wild places.
With the goal to sell 500 Protect Our Parks shirts by Labor Day, Recover’s Protect Our Parks campaign donates proceeds from these sales directly to the National Park Foundation, a nonprofit that designs programs to connect families and kids to parks in order to energize future stewardship.



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