Refresh Your Look in a Snap with Maggies

Make a Fashion Statement with Maggies

Refresh your look in a snap with powerful, American-made magnets

 there’s no more excuses!

Revamp your clothing, create a new look, or even replace your whole wardrobe with your favorite fabrics.

Powerful, American-made magnets designed to hold several layers of your favorite fabrics together, Maggies allows you to wear your scarves, shawls or sarongs in ways only fashionistas dream about!

How does it work?

Just grab an item of clothing of your choice, wrap it around your body in the desired position, secure the magnetic sphere on the inside and the ring on the outside, and head out the door!

It’s that easy.

Who’s behind Maggies?

 Born in Australia, Margaret began her career as a registered nurse, midwife and pediatric nurse.

Living more than half her life in Dallas before moving to the USA in 1971, she then trained as a cardiopulmonary bypass technician at Baylor before moving to Athens, Greece from 1973-75.

Returning to Dallas in 1984, Sinclair started a manufacturing business to develop and distribute a line of products based on patient positioning.

Named “Woman Business Owner of the Year” by The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Dallas, Margaret continued to grow her businesses and in 2012, she designed Maggies.

With 29 years of business experience, Margaret has been invaluable for launching this new, innovative product into the market in such a short period of time.


 No pins, no knots, no fuss.

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, find the Maggies for you:

  • Maggie Combo Pack – 6 Count ($30)
  • Try different styles at the same time with this cute combo pack! Containing two Middi Maggies, two silver Original Plates, and two gold Original Plates, you’ll be fashionable for all looks.
  • Maggie Snaps ($36)
  • Safer than a safety pin, better than a button. The only multi-purpose, no sew textile fastener, this Snap holds multiple layers of fabric together without damage. Patented double rings are combined with a powerful ball magnet and can be used over and over again for many purposes such as household, outdoors, and men’s and women’s fashions. Amazing for decorating projects like hanging curtains, closing pillow cases, making flat sheets fitted and securing table cloths, easily attach and remove Snaps – the ultimate fastener.
  • Maggie Rings ($12.50):
  •  An option to blend or contrast with fabric colors. Each Pack contains 6 Black, 6 White, 6 Gold and 6 Red rings which can replace the silver rings that come with Maggie Snaps.
The styling possibilities are endless when wearing your Maggies – how will you wear yours?

All Maggies products are available at and can also be purchased from specialty boutiques, The, HSN, and Amazon.

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