Great for Father’s Day Gifts! 
It is simple. Men Love Socks.
Rejuva specializes in stylish compression socks.
So their socks are not only stylish but also serve a healthy purpose.
Product summary:

About Rejuva: 

Rejuva specializes in medical grade compression socks, pantyhose, leggings and stockings for men and women that are just as fashionable as they are effective.

Kelsey Minarik launched the LA based company in 2010 after suffering from a blood clot after a long flight, at just 22.  Her struggle to find compression legwear that was not only medically sound but fashionable enough to wear every day inspired her to launch the brand.

Graduated compression stockings offer everyone from busy professionals to pregnant women to driven athletes the support their tired, aching legs need. While they are useful for those suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, blood clots, varicose and spider veins, compression can offer a helping hand to so many more. Athletes who put their bodies to the test training and running marathons have found it to aid in their recovery, while women suffering from poor circulation during and after pregnancy use them for a boost of comfort. Additionally, those who work or travel with prolonged periods of sitting and standing benefit from pain prevention and relief on-the-go.

Retails from 29.99-69.99 and can be purchased at


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