Ricardo Seco “Life” collection NYFWM

This season is entitled “Life.” Ricardo combined the sacredness of Holbox, the island situated off the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, with New York City lifestyle. Known for being a sanctuary of endangered species, the island inspires Holbox, Seco’s ode to NYC.

Featured colors and textures included: pastel pink, baby blue, lilac, flamingo feathers, print of whale shark skin, print of sand, grey and black. LIFE featured Spring/Summer 2017’s latest trends including oversized silhouettes, bomber jacket, bikers, boxing shorts, relaxed pants, athletic-inspired shorts, and sweatshirts. Seco describes the line as ‘street meets urban sophistication.’

“This city’s culture shapes our understanding of our nature and the future”, stated Ricardo. “Take a look at what Mother Nature has given us. Without nature, there is no us; there is no LIFE.”



Managing Editor & Photographer of the Fashion Maniac team

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