Rigby & Peller 3D Fitting Experience

Rigby & Peller – Redefining How Women Shop Lingerie

With a unique Lingerie Styling service and innovative 3D mirror technology

The REDEFINING LINGERIE event featured Host Kate Young, Celebrity Stylist to clients like Dakota Jackson, Selena Gomez, Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman to name a few.

“Shopping for lingerie has never been as chic of an experience as it has been at Rigby & Peller. They take the stress out of the equation..” – Kate Young.

Special Guest Blogger, Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland also attended from Los Angeles and received a personalized Lingerie Styling experience by Luz Cuevas, Rigby & Peller’s Chief Lingerie Stylist.

Nothing matches Rigby & Peller’s 3D mirrors in store and only takes 15 seconds for a fitting. Their styling, service and technology are unmatched. I would be their guest anytime” – Sheryl Luke, Walk In Wonderland.

 Guests discovered the lingerie industry’s best kept secret: the luxurious Lingerie Styling experience enhanced with innovative 3D mirrors that allow for clients to get precision fit sizing within seconds; all of this with a simple twirl in the fitting room.

With the expertise of Lingerie Stylists in Boutiques clients no longer have to settle for getting fitted with measuring tapes and purchasing product that feels like a compromise.

Rigby & Peller creates an experience that is incomparable and irresistible for clients through its revolutionary Lingerie Styling.

Curated collections of masterfully-crafted pieces from around the world and the brand philosophy that lingerie is the first layer of confidence have made this brand the international powerhouse that it is today.

Rigby & Peller is pioneering the retail experience with both technology and expert service.


About Rigby & Peller:  

Throughout its 75 years, Rigby & Peller has evolved into one of the most talked about global lingerie destinations and has dressed some of the world’s most iconic women, from rock royalty to crowned heads.

Offering carefully curated collections of masterfully-crafted lingerie, their Boutiques create a luxurious and fun atmosphere for clients to shop Lingerie.

As pioneers of Lingerie Styling and the expertise of our Boutique teams, Rigby & Peller is known for its unique Lingerie Styling experiences now enhanced with innovative 3D mirror technology.

Rigby & Peller has US stores in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC and other major cities.

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