Ring Shopping Tips For National Proposal Day – March 20th

With March 20th being National Proposal Day, Sparkly, the new hub helping brides and grooms find the perfect ring, is offering their top engagement ring trends, tips on staying within a budget and maintaining an element of surprise.

Here’s the top tips and trends from Sparkly Founder Steve Simon for your ring shopping inspo!

Match her fav Celeb Ring Style:



Putting Surprise back into Proposals:

  • Secret Registry tech feature allows you to share your favorite ring styles with your future finance without them getting notified

  • When he or she’s ready, you can unlock the secret registry by entering your name or email, so this allows the proposal to be kept a secret while being able to learn about her ring style

Diamond Buys on a Budget: the Three Cs (Cut, Carat, Clarity…)

  • Cut: Depending on the cut, one trick is to find a stone that “faces up” larger than other stones with the exact same carat size. This simply means that more of the carat weight is up top vs lower in the stone. It can make the stone look shallower in some cases, but as long as the cut is still a very high quality, and the setting supports this look, you can very well find some stones that are “1.5 carats that look more like a 1.7 stone”

  • Carat: Buying a ring slightly under popular carat sizes can be cost effective (e.g. a .9 carat instead of 1 carat, a 1.4 instead of 1.5)

  • Clarity: Choosing a lower clarity or color can greatly reduce cost. Many people are super concerned about clarity, however in a lot of cases, lower-graded clarity can only be seen when looking at the diamond under a microscope

  • Top Ring Trends via Sparkly User Searches:

    • M​ost popular diamond cut from October & November are overwhelmingly r​ound stones

    • More recently in December​, there’s​ a shift toward Asscher and Cushion stones, with Solitaires as the most popular ring setting style

    • C​​arat range searches between 1 ct.​ – 1.5 ct.​

    • Here’s how finding ringsp​i​ration works with Sparkly https://vimeo.com/238477237/0a8fae3237


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