Ro Sham Bo Bendable Baby Shades

Did you know that sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen for your little ones?

Protect their eyes while they’re most vulnerable to sun damage with the adorable Ro Sham Bo Sunglasses.

 These bendable baby shades provide total protection by blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Durable and lightweight, these sunglasses are virtually indestructible due to their brilliant, flexible design.

Twist, bend and stretch these shades without a problem.  

Made exclusively in Italy, Ro Sham Bo eyewear is stylish and are available in 8 vivid colors in adult, junior and baby sizes – so the whole family can wear matching ones!

 Passionate about making a difference, Ro Sham Bo Baby gives a portion of all sales to the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California.

 Price: $20.00


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