Rouba.G Paris FW2018

Lebanese fashion designer, Rouba.G, showcased her ethereal Fall 2018 collection amongst industry members in Paris in collaboration with Oxford Fashion Studio

Rouba.G takes pride in her fabric-making skills noting that each and every fabric flowing along the runway was made by the designer herself.
The collection, titled Dragon Dawn, featured an assortment of scale-like layered materials, exaggerated sleeves, and sheer skirted gowns.
Rouba.G graduated from Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, England, holding a Vogue Fashion Certificate; both her degree and vigorous devotion for fashion compelled her to dive headfirst into the industry, only to be rejected-more than once-for being too audacious and offbeat.

This was what initiated the brand; that dissent was the inauguration and the birth of Rouba.G, officially introduced to the world in 2015.
Rouba.G is a unique brand that mixes avant garde and conceptual design with wearable, extremely covetable clothing.
Heavily influenced by the Lebanese training and roots, the brand is also inf
used with elements of London street style and sub culture.
This gives way to classic artistic design with a strong quirky feel.
She merges top level technical expertise along with her aesthetic finesse and the result is ethereal.

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