Ryan McGinley & Polaroid Originals Celebrate the New Originals Gallery

Ryan McGinley and Polaroid Originals celebrated the New Originals Project at Chesterfield Gallery in NYC.

The pop-up gallery features five artists curated by Ryan McGinley, including: Hunter Abrams, Sabrina Santiago, Rochelle Brockington, Marcus Branch and Myles


Polaroid Originals, in collaboration with Ryan McGinley, announces the New Originals Project – a series of photographs from five emerging photographers, curated by McGinley himself.

Known for his work using the original Polaroid format, McGinley welcomes the next generation of Polaroid users.

This project supports the brands vision for capturing moments and bringing people together, and reconfirms Polaroid photography as a medium that has inspired countless artists over decades.

 McGinley will be passing the torch to the five up-and-coming photographers Hunter Abrams, Marcus BranchRochelle BrockMyles Loftin and Sabrina Santiago.

Their photographs will be captured on the new, just-released Polaroid OneStep 2 camera and will be featured in an exhibition: the “New Originals show will be open to the public on December 6th in New York City.

For me, the Polaroid format is what opened the door for my photography and creating relationships with the people I photographed,” says Ryan McGinley. “With a Polaroid, the moments you have and connections you make with who you’re photographing can be even more impactful than the one shot you have. I chose each of these photographers because I believe they have the creative expression to capture their art and make connections in that one shot.”

Polaroid Originals will release a limited edition zine featuring these images that will be available as a gift with purchase at select retailers and at the New Originals exhibition.

As a way to enroll the wider community, Polaroid Originals is launching a #NewOriginals competition.

Starting October 18theveryone is invited to submit their favorite Polaroid photograph digitally, using #NewOriginals on Instagram.

Ryan will select his five favorite images to be included in the New Originals zine.

Along with this feature, winners will receive a OneStep 2 camera and film so they too can continue to express themselves through the medium of Polaroid photography.

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More about the competition at magazine.polaroidoriginals.com

About The Photographers:

Hunter Abrams:

Hunter is a New York based photographer who focuses on fashion, and whatever else his camera lands on.

His photography has covered subjects from philanthropy and protests, to runways and street style.

In addition to his personal photography, Hunter is the co-founder of Tabula Rasa Magazine and an event photographer for BFA.

Marcus Branch:


Marcus Branch is a Philadelphia based photographer who specializes in fashion & lifestyle photography and portraiture.

Branch has photographed campaigns for brands such as Everlast & Ports 1981 Menswear and has had photography featured in i-D Magazine, The Tenth Magazine, and Bulgaria’s Fotomania Magazine.

Rochelle Brockington:

Rochelle is a Brooklyn native and self-titled “size-inclusive” photographer who has been featured on Refinery29 and known for her creative expression.

Her colorful photographs create a connection between the subject and the viewer that is perfect to be captured on a Polaroid.

Myles Loftin:


Myles Loftin is a nineteen-year-old freelance photographer represented by Adolescent Content and sophomore at Parsons School of Design.

His work spans portraiture and fashion photography, often incorporating vibrant color schemes and film textures.

Common themes covered within his work include the black family, racial profiling, black youth, and masculinity.

He has shown in publications such as Dazed, The Fader, V Magazine, Nylon Japan as well as in several art spaces across the U.S. Art is an important part of his life and, as an artist of color, he wants to work to inspire other artists of color to pursue successful careers in the creative industry.

Sabrina Santiago:


Sabrina Santiago is a photographer based in New York, NY.

She is intrigued by faces, moments of everyday life and how photography can bridge the gap between reality and fantasy.

  Her hope is for the subjects behind her lens to feel like their most authentic selves.

In addition to her own personal photography projects, she is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of visual arts platform VISCERAL8.

About Polaroid and Polaroid Originals:

The Polaroid company, founded by Edwin Land in 1937, is an icon of American innovation and engineering prowess. Polaroid created instant photography as we know it today with the launch of the breakthrough Polaroid SX-70 camera in 1972, followed by landmark innovations such as the original OneStep, color instant film, and the Polaroid 600 and Spectra cameras and film formats. Artists who used and were inspired by these cameras include Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Maripol, Keith Haring  Guy Bourdin and of course Ryan McGinley.

They raised Polaroid to the status of a cultural icon.

Polaroid Originals is the new brand from Polaroid dedicated to reinventing analog instant photography for the modern era with original format Polaroid film and cameras. The new Polaroid OneStep 2 camera will be available from October 16.

PolaroidPolaroid Originals Design and Polaroid OneStep 2 are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license.


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