Sandra Oh wore Neil J. Rodgers shoes to the 1st Cannes International Series Festival

Sandra Oh 

wore Neil J. Rodgers shoes to the ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘When Heroes Fly’ screening during the 1st Cannes International Series Festival 

on April 8th

in Cannes, France.

Bristish stylist and shoe designer, Neil J. Rodgers created the perfect final touch to every outfit with his collection of modern, yet elegant chic shoes.
Through his 15 years as a stylist, Neil worked on flawless looks for celebrities like Beyonce, Giselle Bundchen, Anna Kendrick and Dita von Teese, to name just a few. Neil’s understated, yet luxurious shoes have graced the red carpets of the Golden Globes, Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Met Ball and other prestigious events.
His handmade collections come from locally sourced materials created in a family factory in Venice, Italy. The line is the ideal contrast of tone and texture making each pair a must-have shoe for every affair.
For more information, please visit
  • Instagram: @neiljrodgers
  • Twitter: @neiljrodgers
  • Facebook: @NeilJRodgersShoes


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