See Spot(s) Run with reVive Light Therapy

Pimplin’ ain’t easy. Whether you find yourself dealing with continual breakouts or you have been blessed with just the occasional spot or two, reVive Light Therapy has you, and your face, covered.

They offer a line of LED light products that cater to every budget and acne woe. These FDA-cleared treatments will have your skin looking clearer in just days!

Spot Acne Treatment LED Blue Light


The Spot light is the perfect size to carry on-the-go.

The LED lights help to stabilize oil glands and soothe skin inflammation.

The blue lights are gentle enough to allow the device to be used multiple times a day. Use during your morning routine and before bedtime to see clearer skin in just days!

A great introduction to LED light therapy, the Spot is super-effective and super affordable!

$29.00 at


Essentials Acne Treatment LED Blue Light


Target and destroy acne-causing bacteria with the Essentials light.

The 24 LED lights work to treat acne and prevent future flare-ups.

The Light comes with optional relaxation goggles– turn your routine into a spa experience.

Unwind and reveal smoother, clearer skin.

$49.00 at


Clinical Acne Treatment LED Blue Light


The HBIC of acne LED light treatments, the Clinical Light features dpi Technologythat helps to enhance the effectiveness of the LED lights.

Safe for use on all skin types, the Clinical Light calms redness while treating acne and penetrating the skin to help eliminate future breakouts.

 The device comes with optional relaxation goggles and a one-year warranty. Use for as little as 3 minutes a day for a cleaner, clearer complexion.

$129.00 at




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