The 2018 AW collection marks a new beginning for SERTEES. This season we tell you a story about the mysterious medicine women of Hungary, the “FÜVESASSZONY”.

As the brand is deeply entwined with Hungarian folklore and traditions, this selection draws inspiration from the strong, intuitive women who appear in folk-tales with all their wisdom and healing power.
We envisioned this leather bag collection to be the fundamental base of your wardrobe with a classic, sophisticated design which edits out the excess from the previous collections to create luxurious and intelligent pieces.

Photo: Kamilla Péteri-Takáts / Studio Z
Model: Bogi Bacsó / Avantage
MUA: Fatime Valkony
Styling: Natália Pogoszov


The S E R T E E S concept focuses on strong storytelling, and draws inspiration from Hungarian history and traditional folklore which are translated into modern, sleek and timeless design accessories.
The name chosen to represent the brand resonates with the childhood memories of the two designers, and it means “hog” in Hungarian.
They were greatly influenced by rustic kitchenware, pálinka bottles, and livestock when the very first collection was born in 2016.
Since then, the designer duo has broadened their perspective of visions with folk tales and nature. Following a slow design philosophy they handcraft every leather bag and accessory by themselves, believing in sustainability, small manufacturing, and high quality materials.

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