Shape Campaign Press Release

Pia Gladys Perey takes it a notch higher as it honors femininity beyond frame and figure.
Representation of all kinds of women has always been the brand’s essence. 

The brand also known as PGP proudly launches The Shape Campaign, presenting creations for the Petite, Slender, Voluptuous and Plus-Sized women .
Forging ahead in this fashion frontier where style is offered to every shape, PGP breaks the long-held fashion mould of catering only to the ideal.
The Shape Campaign is the style celebration of the female form.
It is the label’s sartorial salute to the diverse shapes and shades of femininity.

​​Dainty and delicate frames will rejoice over the PGP styles that flatter their bodies. Tinier frames can make big, bold fashion statements with PGP‘s sleek, stylish ensembles.
Im in love with this dress.”
Courtney Lopez, Reality TV Star and Producer

Svelte and slim figures will embrace PGP‘s signature jersey creations that hug you in the right places and caress your long, lean frame.
A PGP piece will be your ultimate style stamp.
I love how comfortable, easy to wear, and sophisticated PGP dresses are.”
Petra Nemcova, Supermodel and Founder of Happy Hearts Foundation

Curvy and curvaceous is just scratching the surface.
The Voluptuous woman is shapely and stunning, soft yet strong.
The flow and fold of her dresses are designed to accent her bold and bodacious frame.
There is beauty in simplicity. I love your dresses they are all amazing.”
Siera Bearchell, Miss Universe Canada 2016

The Plus-Size woman is blooming, full-figured and cushy.
She is big on style, confident, and self-assured.
She is stylishly decked in PGP styles that feature fluid lines and artistic draping.
I adore your line, its uniqueness, and its amazing quality. Not only is it comfortable, the fabric also feels good on my skin.”
Nakeah Fuller, Beauty Editor and Makeup Artist to Hollywood Stars

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