Shift into Spring with Fresh Energy

Migraine Magick

It’s been a while…this has been a LONG winter on the bogs.
I’m sure many of you feel the same way…
the shifting weather patterns,
solar flares that wreak havoc…
the flu that went around,
school vacations…..
Whether you are here for migraines, meditations, self-love or all of the above…
one thing they all have in common is energy…energy management that it is…
Do you know you have a limited amount of energy you get to spend daily?
If you have chronic migraines you actually probably wake up with very little, non at all or in the red…
Every day and in every minute you are encountering an energy asset: something that fills you up or an energy deficit: something that drains you.
Migraine Magick works first on putting out your pain and relaxing your tension physically.
Once your body starts to absorb all this goodness physically,
Migraine Magick is also structured to work on your energy deeply in your subtle energies…and this is part of the reason why people can’t put their finger on why its sooo awesome.
It is created to replenish both your physical and energy needs which is what you need to sustainably heal. Western medicine only focuses on a problem and then a way to alleviate it.
Migraine Magick is effective because it is going into the root causes in a way that bi-passes your metabolism (which is imbalanced if you have migraines and part of the reason your medicine may not work because it’s not being metabolized properly and fully).
Migraine Magick is structured with certain high energy frequencies that don’t cancel the pain vibe necessarily but are so high in healing and feeling good & love it literally transforms the lower frequencies of pain into higher ones of safety, self-trust and self-love.
At the core of all suffering is when you were little someone hurt you. It may have been intentional, it may have been unintentional.
Either way your heart got broken and you made it mean something not loving about you.
But, it doesn’t mean that story that plays on repeat buried in your subconscious hard-wired into your biochemistry is true.
It’s time to shift that shit!

You owe it to yourself.

Start your spring off with fresh energy,
Happy Spring,

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