Understated design and subtle, minute detailing are at the core of contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose focus is indigo fabrics worked into inventive, thoughtful designs.

Clean yet feminine, this is a collection of everyday clothing that feels special.

Each season SIDELINE delivers a concise but versatile collection of woven pieces based in indigo using a carefully edited range of fabrics that create interest in their weave.

Clever cutting and an exceptional level of detail in the design give the collection its unique aesthetic.

 Clean yet relaxed and feminine, this line of everyday clothing feels special and is designed to be worn, returned to, and loved again and again.

I design for the women around me – like-minded women who care about fashion and how they dress, who are effortlessly stylish and softly confident. They’re not interested in faddy, throwaway clothing, instead coveting unique pieces that show integrity and thoughtfulness in their design

Ellen Brookes, designer and founder

Every SIDELINE piece is proudly made by a small factory in Istanbul that specialises in laundered and denim clothing.
The factory’s uniquely creative approach to working with small labels as a way of investing in the future of fashion is important to the brand, because every piece in the SIDELINE collection should be made with the same care it is designed with.


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