Single Mom Stars w/ Academy Award Winner in Film She Wrote

 The unbelievable Hollywood fairy tale of Jenia Tanaeva, a single mother who moved to America with her 2 daughters to launch her first screenplay.
Now she is set to star alongside Academy Award winning actor Harvey Keitel and Poppy Drayton (“Downton Abby,” LITTLE MERMAID) in her own modern day love story film that she wrote and produced called SEE YOU SOON, about an unlikely romance between two people, who against all odds give true love a chance.
Jenia‘s journey is a true life modern Cinderella story, only the single mom version.
While raising her 2 daughters Anya and Alina, Jenia moved to America from Russia hoping to build a better life for her girls.
While settling down in Los Angeles and without a single friend in the city, she spent a lot of time watching films with her kids.

One night she came across the 1957 film AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, and it became the inspiration for the beautiful heartwarming love story she wrote called SEE YOU SOON.
SEE YOU SOON follows a U.S. soccer star who, after suffering a career-threatening injury in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup, embarks on an unexpected journey of self-discovery and gives true love a chance.
It was a remarkable 2 ½ year journey for Jenia from script conception to final edits.
It was through chance meetings with a Warner brothers exec that led to a meeting with former Disney CEO Michael Eisner who loved her script and gave her notes

Jenia Tanaeva was born in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.
She was raised during the communism regime in the family of engineers, living in a tiny apartment with her parents, grandparents and her older sister.
While in school she was seriously pursuing rhythmic gymnastics, spending all of her time between school and the gym.
After graduating from high school she attended the University of St Petersburg, majoring in psychology.
Back then she couldn’t even dream about coming to America.
SEE YOU SOON just finished filming throughout Europe and Russia.
The film is also being produced by Jenia for eMotion Entertainment, and executive produced by Alexander Mikhalskiy.
It is expected for early 2018 release, just in time for the World Cup.
Jenia wrote, produced and stars in this film hope with the hope to inspire men and women around the world to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and be courageous enough to take that first step.



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