Siz Cygnus – FW1718


Raquel and Sofia are twin sisters bonded by many things, including the passion for Fashion Design.
They grow up together, and together they developed all kind of interests and skills, what lead them to the same university course.
Now, they maintain together to create their own brand!
They are based in the beautiful country of Portugal, and you can find them at their atelier in Sesimbra, near the beach and the mountain.
SIZ is distinguished by allying Clean and Crafty, in an urban, casual and dynamic result.
Cygnus had as it starting point an abstract image with harmonious blotches of colors that took the designers to an urban, mystical and somewhat melancholic place where swans exhibit their plumage and stars shine in a dark sky.
The swan appears as animal symbol of beauty and purity and as constellation that makes us consider the dimension of the universe.
This city swan moves gracefully through the mad rhythm of everyday life, but in its interior lives a constellation that reflects intensely on the immensity that surrounds it .


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