Sneaky Shopping Tactics For Back-to-School

While the summer sun hasn’t given any indication that fall is around the corner, school will be starting in mid-August for many kids throughout the country — and that means the annual back-to-school shopping scramble for parents.

But snapping up the supplies, clothes and other items for the coming school year doesn’t have to be a challenge or obstacle.

I can put you in touch with a leading shopping expert from to share insight.

For example:

  1. Stagger Your Shopping: Most parents wait until the last minute and then shop all at once — only adding to the stress. Stores are often more crowded with other parents doing the same, and merchandise can sometimes be sold out, particularly for school supplies.

    We can share how to “stagger” your back-to-school shopping effort to save time (and possibly, cost).

  2. 2. Use Online and Offline: Items like notebooks, pens, and other supplies can be purchased online via a broad range of e-commerce retailers.


    Why brave the stores and scour the aisles when you can find what you need with ease, make the purchases at your convenience from home, and have it all delivered to you?

    Clothes and shoes may be best to shop offline so kids can try on items, so it may be best to leave your shopping for these items to favorite brick-and-mortar retailers.

3. Leverage Codes and Perks: Dozens of offline and online retailers offer discount codes, perks and other incentives.

Before you shop, take a little time to see what kinds of cost-savings or other values you can grab on your back-to-school items.




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