Spring 2018 and Shape Campaign Launch

SS18 and Shape Campaign
Photography by Dominic Senador
In celebration of her 10th Anniversary, Pia Gladys Perey opened her show at New York Fashion Week with the launch of her Shape Campaign Video
(to watch video click here), sending a message that she has been passionate about for so many years – fashion that celebrates women in all shapes and frames.

Emphasizing the importance of embracing the true female form and believing that there is more to a woman than meets the eye — that she is more than a size number and more than the sum of her parts.
The brand’s main inspiration is the versatility and timeless beauty of the woman which is reflected in every piece that she designs.
The show opened with a fresh and airy ensemble with Jasmine Meierhofer, who recently modeled  for Valentino in Paris and has worked with Pia in the 10 years of her label.
Leiomy Maldonado, a transgender model, famed dancer, activewear brand endorser, and a high-fashion magazine favorite, fearlessly walked runway with an overlap cocktail dress and then ultra-sexy caped number.

A mix of petite, voluptuous, androgynous, curvy, slender and plus size models  graced the runway showing off the designer’s signature draping,mixed with tailored cuts and billowy flounces – a further proof that there is a Pia Gladys Perey dress for every woman.

After viewing the campaign video, supermodel Millen Magese, immediately agreed to be part of the show, owing to the Shape Campaign‘s strong message.

 Millen also wrote on Instagram: “I am walking tonight to uplift that woman who finds difficult to accept their bodies after pregnancy.” Millen recently welcomed a son after years of battling and overcoming endometriosis.
Millen closed the show and walked with the designer during curtain call.
The collection is anchored on the stamp a woman can make in a span of seconds.
This is about the woman and her choices in life. To the Pia Gladys Perey lady, it is not about the grand entrance. Instead, her quiet power and presence will linger in your memory and stay there to be remembered as the epitome of beauty and mystery,Pia Gladys echoes.


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