S.M.N. Redesigns Denim SPRING AND SUMMER 2018

“In a way, we are Anti-Development”
Founded by Creative Director and Head Designer in 2016, S.M.N strives to be a true leader in authentic denim. The small studio sets itself apart from passing trends with tailored fits and hand-crafted washes. Designed and constructed in the industrial heart of Los Angeles, S.M.N believes American labor is central to its identity.
The Spring and Summer 2018 collections introduce vintage, detail-oriented washes in a range of indigos. A unique dry process allows a replication of real wear, with local wash details added by hand to each garment. Authentic colors are achieved with earthy powders from Mother Nature, and indigo is scraped off to reveal its natural beauty. Meanwhile, a collection of non-denim provides a soft hand and comfortable touch, featuring modal-blended fabrics and well-worn washes in colors.
 Fabrications are carefully chosen for their character before and after wash, and four core fabrics guarantee consistency across seasons. Highlighted in the new collection is S.M.N’s selvedge program. Revival Denim (RVL), a new stretch selvedge denim unique to S.M.N, has bold yarn characteristics and just the right amount of stretch. Ultimate Denim (ULI) is a 100% cotton selvedge denim with a nice hand and a special beige filling yarn that provides a unique vintage cast. 
Kim aims for unparalleled quality and simplicity in both fit and fabrication, and translates these values to the production process itself by moderating use of chemicals and water. “In a way, we are Anti-Development” – Jazmin Kim “We value the labor that makes our jeans. Or brand starts with being made in the USA”
“It’s like a local chef who grows their own garden full of ingredients. The flavors are better. You don’t need to add as much salt.” – Jazmin Kim
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