Style yourself like today’s hottest ‘It Girl’ – rose gold root cover-up is hitting the shelves this April

Everything is coming up roses this spring, ROSE GOLD that is. From your MacBook to your headphones to your lipstick and now, your go-to root touch up from cult beauty brand Cover Your Gray is joining the craze we’re all so obsessed with.

Even Gigi Hadid has decided to embrace this metallic hue with her latest hair look, making rose gold the must-have hair color this Spring.

Keeping up with this trend, this April, Cover Your Gray is launching a new spring release, their bestselling 2 in 1 Waterproof Color Touch Up in a ROSE GOLD wand

Cover Your Gray’s 2 in 1 Waterproof Color Touch Up is a combination wand and sponge tip applicator.

It’s the perfect cover up for roots in between salon appointments and it stays fresh looking until you shampoo it out.

Cover Your Gray is compatible with all hair color. Sold for $6.99 on, also available at Ulta, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Ricky’s and more.

 Consider this product for your spring beauty and/or round ups, an efficient, low cost, no-fuss root cover-up solution helping women achieve their #hairgoals.

Whether you’re talking about minute makeovers, quick hair fixes for women at every age, date night touch ups or those iconic cult items that become instant beauty classics, Cover Your Gray has got you covered!


Re-introducing Cover Your Gray, the multi-use beauty collection for gray and/or thinning hair.

An easy fix for those hard to reach stubborn, pop up, un-wanted grays, CYG is designed to cover, camouflage and boost confidence “on the go”.

Perfect for extending time between salon visits, this temporary hair color disguises unsightly roots and provides superb coverage and affordable ease.

Created for all ages and all ethnicities, this multi-piece product line keeps hair healthy, youthful and strong while also boosting up pesky flat hair in times of need.

CYG offers a wide array of easy to use and targeted product applications that include fill-in powders and brush-in wands. Waterproof items include the Root Touch Up, Brush-In and Pencil.

Additionally, the brand offers a Total Brow-Eyebrow Sealer & Color for a more defined effect.


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