Style Upgrade: Suit in a bag

Need to look smart – but hate travelling in a suit? 

A suit in a bag sounds like something you’d buy in college for that first job interview because it was cheap.

But you¹ll want to put all your designer suits into the PLIQO bag because it makes traveling from your front door to the office or around the world with a jacket so much easier.

From magnetic hangers that won¹t fall down in the bag, to a pocket that can also hold electronics like a laptop, the features of the PLIQO bag blend the best of a garment bag with a laptop messenger.

And, it compresses from 49 inches by 42 inches and to just 16 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches when packed.

Carry it alone like a laptop bag or pack it inside a carry on to keep your suit free of wrinkles without taking up too much room in the bag.


A neat and compact accessory for storing and transporting your shoes.

Compression straps make for a space-saving solution for shoes of all shapes and sizes.

Keeping your shoes dry and dust-free, it is the perfect companion for your PLIQO folding garment bag.

  • Draw-string closure
  • Removable carry strap
  • Fits most type of shoe
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