Styleables new kind of fashion that interacts with your environment and mood

 The gift of individuality with Styleables. Now over 70% funded, the Austrian team behind the revolutionary tech wearable have released the much-anticipated Rose Gold color.

  Created with the goal of developing a new kind of fashion that interacts with your environment and mood

Styleables offers you interactive style without the clutter.

Our accessories eliminate the chaos that other wearables incorporate, allowing the focus to remain on your style and individuality.

With Styleables, you can express your mood, upgrade your style, support your favorite sports team or display any photos you take, all with the simplicity of  tap on your smartphone.

The Styleables founders noticed that people wear jewelry to show off their personality, individuality, and creativity, but the options are incredibly limited.

That’s when they came up with the idea of a customizable digital necklace.

Their goal was to create a new kind of fashion, the kind of fashion that could interact with your environment and mood. But unlike other wearable tech, its focus would be high fashion.

From there came the creation of a changeable gem in a precious frame, and Styleables was born.

After debuting Styleables, the founders noticed that people weren’t used to this kind of wearable and everybody that saw it paid it attention.

They realized they had not only created an accessory, they had created a new way to express yourself.

Your mood can change in an instant, and now, so can your accessories.

The Styleables display is remotely controlled by your smartphones, so you can change your look with the touch of your smartphone.

Choose a fancier look with the Styleables Fusion, which displays your image in a metal frame.

For a more casual look, throw on the Styleables Urban, which displays your image in a plastic frame.

Wear your Styleables as a necklace one day, a brooch the next, or completely restyle it as a neck or bow tie whatever matches your moment.

As someone fashion-forward and tech-savvy, you wouldn’t skimp on style, and we don’t expect you to skimp on technology.

Styleables offers only the best with advanced Bluetooth technology to easily control what images you display.

Your images are taken right from your smart device and projected on a 1.63 inch screen with 320×320 pixels for high resolution and with great color quality.

Plus, Styleables offers an extended battery life of up to 12 hours to make sure you look fantastic all day without worrying about a charge.

Being ahead of the fashion curve doesn’t have to put you out.

Other smart wearables can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Styleables offers different types of accessories and adapters at all different costs.

No matter your budget, you won’t be left behind in the fashion revolution

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