Styling Tip: How to Achieve Salon Quality Hair At Home

Celebrity Stylist Pearson Knight Gives Tips on How to Achieve Salon Quality Hair at Home

Since 2003 celebrated hair stylist, Pearson Knight, has made waves in the beauty industry.

Knight received training from the prestigious Aveda Institute and went on to learn at Juut’s advanced training academy.

With the nickname of “Magic Hands”, it’s no wonder that Knight recently created his own product line of styling products worthy of both the runway and every day.

We all want salon quality hair without salon hassles; scheduling, waiting times and outrageous styling fees.

Pearson Knight gives three tips on how you can achieve salon quality hair at home:

1. Use salon quality products from shampoo and conditioner all the way through to styling products. 

These products are created for high performance and long-lasting healthy hair.

2. Use the right equipment and tools.

The client doesn’t need to use a $500 blow dryer, and $150 brush like a professional will but middle to high-end salon professional tools will make a difference overall.

Professional style tools ensure the incredible results desired and usually are made with patented technology to protect your hair.

3. Take your time, don’t rush it.

Take smaller sections and clip everything you aren’t working on out of the way.

Get tips and pay attention to your pro stylist.

Do what they do, not every youtube tutorial is good advice.


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