Stylish footwear gets a makeover as new brand launches with completely handmade line of luxury shoes

Fashion-forward trendsetters keen to update their look and ensure they are always putting their best foot forward will now be able to shop an extensive range of handmade men’s shoes from a new brand that couples Swiss precision with classic Italian style

Olivier Gerardi’s luxury footwear is made by hand in Italy by skilled artisans.

Its timeless style combines artistry and heritage with superb materials, enviable craftsmanship and a passion for timeless elegance and wit.

Olivier Gerardi said: “I’m delighted to unveil my eponymous collection of premium handmade men’s shoes. As a brand, I really wanted to celebrate the traditions and heritage of making shoes by hand, taking pride in the selection of the finest materials, nurturing skills that have been handed down through generations and creating designs that are elegant, contemporary yet rooted in traditional methods and heritage Italian shoemakers. We know that the modern man wants different things from his footwear collection but what remains consistent is our fresh, visionary take on timeless Italian style. The level of quality and service we offer is on par or superior to the top luxury shoe brands, but with a more adequate price tag.”

The brand’s top end shoes, the Prestige line, are crafted using Goodyear c

onstruction and also come with a two year guarantee and restoration service which is totally unique in the men’s footwear market.

The shoes boast a number of superior features including a triple leather sole – this improves sturdiness and also allows for a complete sole replacement when one is needed.

Models include designs that are built using less complex construction methods with prices starting at €349.

 Stylish men who have their own ideas about what they want their next pair of shoes to look like also have the option of designing their own pair of customised Olivier Gerardi shoes.

 For more information about Olivier Gerardi, visit their website and online store at:


 Olivier Gerardi is a luxury men’s shoe brand that is committed to providing a range of high-quality, fashionable footwear choices for men.

They also offer a service that allows customers to completely customize their shoes.



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