Sugaring, Microblading and more

It’s finally spring and before we know it, summer will be knocking at our doors (ASAP, please!).

 Hibba Beauty, NYC’s premier waxing and threading salon.

Hibba Beauty has several options to remove your winter coat, from traditional waxing, to the ancient art of threading to sugaring, a more natural hair removal method.

About Hibba Beauty
Enhancing your natural beauty is the number one priority at Hibba Beauty and their gentle, no-nonsense approach to hair removal will have you looking and feeling your very best.
Hibba Beauty’s team of licensed Browologists and waxing technicians takes pride in sculpting perfect arches and revealing your smoothest skin yet.
Whether waxing, threading, or developing natural remedies, Hibba Beauty is dedicated to providing clients with a safe, positive and uplifting beauty experience.
Salon founder Hibba Kapil learned the art of threading from her grandmother in India.
It was only a matter of time before she became the “go-to” threader in her hometown.
In 2000, Hibba took her chances and moved to New York to hone her skills.
Balancing both school and work was a challenge, but one that proved fruitful when she opened her first salon in early 2010.
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