SUPER COOL Launch Cat Fever Jewelry

Following the hugely successful launch of Dog Fever, we just couldn’t leave out our feline friends! We are thrilled to announce the debut of Cat Fever, jewelry dedicated to the furry feline loves of our life.

The Cat Fever collection includes the iconic Hug Ring, Ear Ring and the cute Paw Print Ring.

All jewelry is handcrafted in Milan, Italy, and available in 925 Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with hand painted enamel.

Cat Fever is about your favorite feline friend,

it’s about the indelible mark of her love, it’s about jewelry and more.

To mirror the loving bond between woman and cat the

Cat Fever crew has created a collection of rings featuring

the likeness of each curious cat.


Each piece becomes an intrinsic symbol of the incredible

relationship that we discover when choosing a cat based

on its physical characteristics, temperament or by instinct alone.

Cat Fever is hand made in Italy.

You can find Cat Fever at


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