Sustainable Fashion Pop-up NYC

LALF (Love Animals, Love Fashion), a new vegan, organic, & sustainable apparel brand that recently launched a collection of men’s & women’s wardrobe basics.

From November 8th through the 17th, LALF will be participating in a sustainable pop-up on the Upper East Side located at 904 Lexington Ave, NYC.

Sustainable fashion is a hot topic of conversation in the industry & the dynamic 10-day experience at the Pause Conscious Pop-up serves to celebrate (& shop) sustainably fashion, art, accessories, etc.
It will be taking place at The Canvas, a venue committed to addressing the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals through consumer awareness.
This will be LALF’s first consumer facing event and their commitment to sustainability & transparency makes them the perfect partner for this unique shopping experience.
About LALF:
After having witnessed first hand a crumbling economy in their home country of Venezuela LALF’s founders vowed to make social & economic sustainability an integral part of their new company.
As a life project LALF’s goal is to re-define the fashion industry’s approach to sustainability by investing in viable solutions that avoid toxins
(such as harsh dyes & pesticides), increase fair trade wages for farmers & workers (especially abroad), & don’t cause harm to animals, humans, or the environment.
Their solution is to source cotton from Peruvian farms that utilize ancient farming techniques with zero pesticides or insecticides, use non-GMO seeds, & have environmentally friendly irrigation practices.
They also ensure fair wages for workers at every stage of production, from farm to factory, to increase local economic sustainability.
Research & development continues to be an important part of LALF’s brand as they search for alternatives to leather, vibrant dyes, etc. that meet their Vegan, Organic, & Sustainable standards.


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Love is the seed of existence.

Love is a type of energy,

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