Swim Looks: Wear the Squares, Don’t be One!

As you know, swim season is only weeks away

The quirky and cute designs are eco-friendly, and funds from purchases are donated to Camfed, a non-profit that tackles poverty and gender inequality.
There’s a lot more to this brand than just pretty girls in swim suits

The standard woman’s swimsuit has been replicated countless times.

How many designs have you seen with the same basic silhouette and cut, which only speak to the same carbon copy girl.

However, times are changing, and the young women of todays digital generation isn’t only tech savvy, but attractive, stylish, and has a voice, in which she expresses her individuality in what she wears.

Cue Maison Pixel, a progressive, and eco-friendly underwear line that just debuted their SS17 swim collection. 

The brands designs feature looks with a pixelated tech twist inspired by computer graphics, which aren’t only cute and playful, but convey a message as well.

She might work as a programmer or gamer, but she’s also cute, and fashionable.
Additionally, she’s conscious of the environment, and since Maison Pixel is dedicated to ecological sustainability (their pieces are made from a unique Italian lycra composed of 100% recycled plastic bottles gathered from ocean debris), the brand fills a gap in swim wear that has not been seen…..until now!
 Maison Pixel is the brand for conscientious stylish woman living in the digital era. 

Maison Pixel is based in Lisbon.

All products are manufactured in Portugal in a plant where no child labour exists and where workers rights, regarding safety, wages equality and environmental impact are met to the highest standard.

Our swimwear line fabric is 100% recycled, made in Italy by a company with Environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Last but not least, $1 Usd from every purchase is donated to charity working to provide education to poor children all over the world. 

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