TAAKK NYMD FW2018 photos by Cheryl Gorski

Taakk Fall/Winter 2018- “Basic Oddity”

By Austin Velarde
Showing for the first time in NYFW, designer Takuya Morikawa of Taakk created a collection that with “a fresh prospective revives the assumed mundane.” Morikawa’s “Basic Oddity” collection takes on subversion through its use of androgyny, deconstruction and anti-fashion.
Traditional notions of reality are construed as this collection aired with a genderless quality.
Through the use of paintbrush-stroke prints on two outfits in vibrant yellow, dazzling blue and crimson colors, Morikawa achieved this genderless quality of his clothes.
Deconstruction was present within the denim jackets and the asymmetrically hemmed sequined smiley face sweater.
This subversive element further added to Morikawa’s construed vision of reality in his collection.
The many facets of androgyny and deconstruction give an overall anti-fashion motif that beams throughout this collection of the young brand.
Takuya Morikawa is not afraid to push the boundaries in fashion and has a bright future with his brand Taakk.



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