Techno Jipsy Generation

Nadir Maut is a Milan based brand under the creative direction and founder of Svetlana Schmidt.

In 2012 opened the shop ORSORAMA in Milan as a hybrid art and fashion store, which became a platform for creative projects showcased cutting artist and produced label NADIR MAUT.

Nadir Maut is the signature founded on lost fragments from Persia.

Nobody knows who is the owner of that signature, but researchers are now working about this.

Someone says architect and philosopher.

On these fragments, unknwon language and still not deciphered designs are mixed with visionary patterns and symbols from different cultures, times and civilizations.

The brand is inspired by surreal drawings and the resulting clothes are decorated with floral and geometric prints combined with icons, clichés and contemporary themes, bright colors and a clear boost to the cultural mix.

Long dresses and caftans play with sophisticated and rich “psyprints” that draw define a new tribalism.

Svetlana Schmidt, creative director and founder is the owner of a unique style which is reflected in the rigorous and hieratic collections.

Here Pop Caftans and Silk tunics live together : the secret is visual imagination and a lot of irony in the mix arab geometries, lines and traditional embroidery of Middle East, Western influences and graphic elements of the Far East.

Everything is a remix of a remix of a Remix: eastern spirit and bohosoul, inclusion of opposites, council of contrasts, past and future, luxury an street, west and east : ideal mix & match for a rocking glam habibi 3.0.

The password is
ultra-modern syncretism.


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