The Alchemists for Puerto Rico x Zirkova One + Together by Jeff Perla

On November 14th, at the exclusive Zirkova House in Tribeca, Ultra premium vodka brand Zirkova One+Together teamed up with The Alchemists, a socially conscious community of New York’s top performing artists & creator, to raise money for Puerto.

The funds raised supported the non-profit organization Communitere which is an organization that has assisted in disaster relief in many locations around the world.

Currently, Communitere is bringing its uniquely efficient and effective approach to charitable endeavors to help in the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Maria. Three million United States citizens in Puerto Rico are still in need of help.

In the weeks after the near total devastation of Hurricane Maria, the full recovery of paradise island sadly still remains a distant goal.

Puerto Ricans are without clean water, electricity, safe homes, food, and basic supplies. The Alchemists x Zirkova One+Together raised money through healing, performances, and art to benefit and help rebuild Puerto Rico.

Transcending time with sound healing, the event consisted of immersive encounters through therapeutic touch as guests beheld the beauty of the divine feminine while it surrounded, shifted and surrendered its form.

Some of our favorite looks from the evening were Luna Love (Instagram: @bangbangluna) who wore a floral crown veil with heart pasties designed by none-other than herself, and Zeus Zalevskyi (Instagram- who wore a one piece accented by metallic glitter and horns that created a sexy masculine appeal to the crowd.

Surrounded by wonderful music provided by DJ Kiss and words from master of ceremonies Sapphire Jones, guests enjoyed signature Zirkova One+Together cocktails served by street and performing artist Mika Revell (Instagram- @littlepinkpills), in addition to viewing performances from Katherine Crockett, Natasha King, Evgeniya Radilova, Luna Love, Roy Davis, Valery Felicity, Ali Luminescent, Tara Quinn, and Zeus Zalevskyi.

Lastly, guests we also transported into Elysium with healing from Chrysallis Unfurling, Andriana Santiago, Molly Byrnes, and John O’Mahoney (Instagram- @firejohnnyc) – all in the name of charity.

To donate, please visit O’Mahoney (Instagram- @firejohnnyc) – all in the name of charity./the-alchemists-for-puerto-rico-tickets-39101468545

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