TWENTYFOURSEVEN COSMETICS Introduces ADVANCED Natural, and Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Skincare In The United States!

Founder Sascha Zilger launches two innovative products in the U.S. with plans to expand to a full skin-care regimen for women and men
January 26, 2017
TWENTYFOURSEVEN COSMETICS, a global leader in anti-aging technology, is bringing their innovative skincare to The United States.
Launched initially in Germany by entrepreneur and international investor, Sascha ZilgerTWENTYFOURSEVEN will bring two standout products, the #one serum and #mask, to the US market.
With effects visible within 2-3 minutes and the full smoothing of the skin reached after 7 minutes, this serum and mask will become a regime regular.
The long-term effect of the serum is the reduction of wrinkle depth that can be visible everyday more and more.
You can easily achieve natural beauty with #one without artificial fillers or injections!
                                                                             With potent ingredients including advanced peptide complex combined with hyaluronic acid, coenzymeQ10, retinol, caviar extract as well as avocado and
                                                                                             jasmine  oil, TWENTYFOURSEVEN skincare will create an instant, long-term effect to help win the fight against signs of aging.
                                                                 It ultimately transforms facial definition by instantly filling wrinkles naturally and helps reduce visibility of wrinkles, collagen loss, and acne scars.
                                                                                                            Look as young as you feel by using the most effective, natural and long-lasting products on the market.
                                                                                                 The #oneserum and #mask range from $250-$290 and will be available for purchase at

As a respected figure in the international business industry, Zilger has been named the Diplomatic Council’s Business Ambassador for his success, impeccable reputation, and achievements for civil society, ultimately opening the door for various businesses.
As a firm believer in skincare for both men and women, Zilger set out to change the industry with a team of scientists to create the best product on the market and is excited to bring
Led by dermatology experts in our renowned laboratory in Germany, TWENTYFOURSEVEN products were developed using the latest research and advanced technology creating a safe, effective, gentle yet highly potent product that shows immediate results.
When used regularly, will achieve a long-lasting skin-care effect.
But it doesn’t stop there, our scientists continue to develop our products thru sophisticated research and technology, ultimately with the goal of providing one of the, if not THE highest quality in skin-care line to our valued customers.
About Sascha Zilger

Sascha Zilger, founder of TWENTYFOURSEVEN Cosmetics Germany, is an avid car enthusiast at heart.
However, contrary to his enthusiasm to fast cars, he is also fascinated by skincare, such as moisturizers and the way it makes his skin feel.
He eventually became a believer that men should be caring for their skin equally as women and vowed to find the right product that can work for both.
In his quest to do so, Sascha met industry researchers that pointed him in the right direction and with his growing captivation of skin care, he decided to develop his own product with a team of scientists in Germany.
Hence, TWENTYFOURSEVEN was born.
With the success of his first product launch, #one, came the question of “why stop there?”.
With the help of his team, he pursued what eventually would become the #mask.
Now armed with a full skin-care regimen including a whitening cream, lash extenders and more, Sascha plans to bring the entire line to The United States and share the success it has achieved in the European market.


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