upcycled electronics-inspired jewelry and accessories

 Introducing Circuit Breaker Labs’ handcrafted science-inspired jewelry and accessories made from upcycled broken electronics designed to adorn, educate, and empower!

Circuit Breaker Labs’ jewelry and accessories are made by hand in the USA.

Each piece is combined with epoxy resin that creates a beautiful lens like a magnifying glass, over the circuit board.

Circuit Breaker Lab’s products are designed to inspire curiosity and recycling.

To produce their products, the company uses circuit boards destined for the landfill, turns them into beautiful pieces such as cufflinks, key chains, jewelry, money clips and more, then properly e-cycles what’s leftover.

Circuit Breaker Labs’ jewelry includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Their pieces come in Copper ($35-58), Sterling Silver ($55-215) and Plated Silver (from $29) and you can see all details on their website at www.CircuitBreakerLabs.com.

Your readers will love the fact that the Founder of the company, Amanda Preske, is an advocate for the idea that science and discovery are available to anyone willing to try, and that you don’t have to understand something to find it beautiful.

Amanda started her business after she saw the circuit boards coming from a broken computer her brother was attempting to repair and became transfixed by the beauty and complexity found on a circuit board.

As a whole, the boards are often too complex to appreciate, but on the small scale of jewelry, small portions begin to resemble subway maps, cityscapes, and peculiar little worlds.

Amanda created Circuit Breaker Labs in 2007 to focus exclusively on creating with circuit boards and share her love of science and technology through art.


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