Urban Pearl Collective Launches Clean Beauty E-Commerce Website

Urban Pearl Collective unveils curated platform for high-standard clean beauty and wellness all in one place

New York, NY, December 3, 2018 –  Urban Pearl Collective, the purveyor of clean beauty and wellness products, launches highly-curated range of clean beauty across skincare, make-up, bath & body, hair care, and inner beauty. The retailer has set rigorous requirements in what products can be deemed non-toxic and completely clean. In tune with consumer’s desire to move towards a healthier lifestyle, Urban Pearl Collective, is forthcoming about each ingredient in the products sold on its site. Providing a list of 24 chemicals, from formaldehyde to lead, that disqualify potential brands from being sold on the site, the retailer also hopes to educate its customers. The new e-shop offers an educational platform with a thoughtful intent to provide a sanctuary for people in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Already offering 28+ brands, the launch represents Urban Pearl Collective’s mission to be the go-to destination of tried & trusted, non-toxic, eco-chic, high quality products all in one place.

Founded by Marguerite Gray Buer, Urban Pearl Collective was inspired by a personal revelation many years ago to change her eating habits to become healthier, and to avoid potential life-changing illnesses. As an avid beauty junkie, those changes lead into her taking a closer look at the ingredients in her beloved skincare and beauty products and after learning of the dangers of certain chemicals in our everyday beauty staples, she knew she had to do something about it. “I wanted to create a space that’s a haven for women like me who are searching for a large selection of effective skincare, makeup, wellness and lifestyle products screened for clean ingredients and ethical manufacturing,” says Gray Buer. “We have a mix of established and emerging brands to curate a collection that’s different from large stores and showcase exciting up-and-coming products in the industry.”
Gray Buer looks for brands and products that follow an extensive evaluation test to meet the company’s standards on ingredients, efficacy, quality, and packaging.  The website’s lists its banned ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and nanoparticles. Urban Pearl Collectiveaims to educate people on unhealthy ingredients, while offering a solution for everything needed for a healthy lifestyle – all in one convenient and fashionable place. Current retailing brands include CocovitHum NutritionKaia NaturalsPrim BotanicalsRahuaUndefined Beauty, and Wyld Skincare making it easy to shop for everything from body scrubs, shampoo, cleansers, supplements, and even yoga mats. Gray Buer plans to continue growing their skincare collection along with it’s cosmetics, aromatherapy and home merchandise stocks in the new year while keeping price points easily accessible


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