We are Italian company who for more than 30 years, has been  producing a range  of luxury writing instruments and accessories. Our products are entirely handcrafted in Italy.

We specialize in exclusive and unique products. Our creations are entirely handmade, from the design of the item itself, to the finished product. All decorative embellishments are handcrafted by engravers and enamellers.  Our products are typically created with the use of noble and precious materials.

Our collections are all limited editions, including roller ball pens , fountain pens, lighters, cigar-cases, belt and belt  buckles, cuff-links  and other prestigious accessories of high quality.  Nothing is  mass-produced, with everything in our line of products being individually created by artists.

Our intention is, and has always been, that our products highlight major artistic and cultural events in world history, where elegance and beauty intertwine with design and function.

The Treasure Island

The Treasure Island    (Tribute to Robert Luis Stevenson)

Once upon a time,

This is how many stories begin, including those of men sailing the  sea under the dreaded pirate flag, characters made popular by the  pen of Robert Louis Stevenson in his novel: Treasure Island

This book inaugurates the successful tradition of the pirate theme, where the iconography of the skull on the flag and the hidden treasure map, accompanies the classic theme of the Bildungsroman ( novel of formation); the struggle between right and wrong.

A fantasy journey with the young Jim and his antagonist: Pirate Long John Silver in search of Captain Flint’s treasure. 


Year: 2016

Collection  Name : The Treasure Island

Materials : resin and  sterling silver hand-engraved

Limted editions :  88 pcs fp  –   88 pcs rb. in Sterling Silver 44 pcs fp  –   44 pcs rb.  in solid gold 18 kt and diamonds

Nib : white gold 18 kt

Filling  system: converter or cartridges  ink

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